Our website is created with all of the Cowgate community in mind. If you have questions that we haven’t managed to answer please contact us.

Cowgate Under 5s Centre is a Fröbelian influenced, local authority Early Learning Childcare (ELC) setting (Scottish Government, 2020). Cowgate aims to provide the highest possible standard of ELC in a safe-as-necessary, loving and thoughtful environment where babies and young children under five years play freely in and outdoors, learning and growing at an unhurried pace. Daily visits to our nature kindergarten and other open spaces support uninterrupted nature play. By providing facilities to meet every child’s desires, we support the child to grow in confidence, to be autonomous and to learn new skills. 

Unique children and families

Every child is unique, with his or her own developing view of the world, interests and abilities. We encourage each child to have a positive self-image, to develop their ability to communicate confidently and to value and show respect for all others.

Every child’s family is unique too, and families are a vital part of the Cowgate community. Staff aim to work in partnership families for the benefit of children in our care.

We respect the many different forms of family life, social and cultural backgrounds that every child attending the centre may come from.

Committed staff

We recognise the importance of maintaining a high calibre staff team, encouraging each staff member to develop continually, both personally and professionally.

We monitor and develop the centre’s indoor and outdoor areas to provide a rich and provocative environment, inspired by our Froebelian ethos. As an eco-school we build positive attitudes towards the value of our natural world and place great emphasis on recycling, reducing and reusing.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for children to explore, devise, experiment and investigate through play and we work in partnership with parents to develop the best support for their child’s overall development.