Sequence Books

If children want to paint they organise their own paints. If it’s time to make a chocolate krispie, a birthday cake or bread, children – supported by adults – lead the way. They are supported in their choices by Cowgate’s Sequence Books.

Sequence books are child’s hand-sized, laminated and sturdy instructions that bring words and pictures together to support children’s understanding of process.

Cowgate’s Sequence books, devised by June Graham with the Cowgate team, won the ‘tried and tested’ category of the 2009 Nursery World Awards and feature as part of  Education Scotland’s exemplar of best practice ‘Building the Ambition at Cowgate Under 5s Centre’

You can buy ready-made sequence books laminated (for a long-life) and held together with metal binders for easy page turning, direct from Cowgate for use at home or in a nursery.

  • Each book costs £4 (includes post & packaging).
  • You can buy copies in cash/cheque when you visit the centre or email your order for delivery by post.
  • Please use an order form found here to place an order.

If you have any questions about Sequence Books please contact June Graham.


How to make Banana Bread
How to make Banana Muffins
How to make Birthday Cake
How to make Bread
How to make Chocolate Krispies
How to make Easter Chocolate Nests
How to make Fairy Cakes
How to make Hot Cross Buns
How to make Scones
How to make Yoghurt Loaf
Compost in a Bottle
How to make Bird Cake
How to make Paper
How to make Playdough
How to make Felt
How to plant Bulbs
How to plant Seeds
Paint Books:
– Orange
– Purple
– Green
– Brown
– Lilac
– Pink
– Pale Blue
– Grey