Our Ethos

Froebel believed that from the beginning the child must be surrounded by
kindness, understanding and beauty.

We share this belief.

Consequently we place a high importance on the Centre environment.  For example we favour natural materials and soft warm colours of natural wood combine these with harmonious architecture to provide a homely atmosphere.  Plants and pleasant scents add to this. It is not a small-scale copy of the adult world, but an environment where the deeper needs of the child to create, initiate and imagine are kept in mind.  There is a calm unhurried feel to the Centre which begins as the children arrive to the sounds of relaxing music which carries on throughout the day.

Children can choose to bake bread to share with their friends for snack or to take home.  We celebrate seasonal festivals, making meaningful connections with nature.

Caring adults provide carefully balanced activities to encourage imaginative thinking and your child will have time to create and develop at their own pace.

When you come to Cowgate you will hopefully experience an ethos of trust, where childhood is viewed as a free, innocent, natural period of life, where children are encouraged to roam and explore.