If you have a concern or complaint about your child‘s welfare or indeed about any aspect of the centre we want you to tell us. The sooner that we are aware of your concerns the sooner we can respond and try to help you.

Initially we feel that it is important that you talk to your child‘s key worker or the class teacher as she / he knows your child best in the centre. However, if you still feel concerned please see the Head of Centre who will be pleased to help you.

If your concerns are not allieviated, you can make an appointment to the Child and Families Advice and Conciliation Service.  This service provides a helpline during office hours and can advise you how to take further action.

Alternatively you can put your request in writing to:

The Principal Officer,
Advice and Concilliation Service
Waverley Court
East Market Street
Level 1/5

Tel:0131 469 3233

Opening hours Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm

You may wish to contact the Care Commission who regularly inspect all Childcare facilities within Scotland:

Care Commission
South East Region
Stuart House
EH21 7PB
Tel: 0131 653 4100