Caring for the Environment

Caring for and understanding of the natural world is an important part of our Froebelian values, which we explore in the centre and through our Forest School and Nature Kindergarten experiences. We aim to incorporate environmental care and awareness into our daily practice from using left over drinking water to give plants a drink and involving children in recycling packaging, to care of animals and plants in our centre and in the settings we visit.

Eco Schools

Maintaining our Eco School status helps to keep us on track and means we are part of a wider community committed to sustainability. We gained our first Eco Schools green flag in 2003 and our sixth flag in 2016. You can find out more about eco schools by visiting the Eco Schools website.

An Eco group meets regularly to track how we are implementing our Eco-schools programme and we encourage parents, children and members of staff into our group.

Examples of our weekly Eco activities:

  • We store our recycling near our kitchen area and encourage children to move this to our main recycling area near reception, and then to our outside bins
  • We have a compost bin and a wormery and the children are encouraged to put food waste etc into them.
  • We ensure play and craft resources recycle material (using milk bottle tops, or boxes and packaging for example), and include activities that encourage understanding about natural resources.
 Our 2017 Eco committee’s ideas for 2017 include:
  • Installing guttering to Willow Cottage to fill our rain barrel for water play.
  • Revisit our wormery with children new to the Big Room.
  • Investigate if an Educational Solar Water Heater kit would work within our setting
  • Visit to environmental organisation Changeworks to look at city-wide environmental schemes.
  • Supporting Fair Trade.
  • Raising awareness of WWF’s Earth Hour Saturday 25 March 2017
  • Participating in World Porridge Day 10 October 2017

Parents, please contact Trevor if you’d like to contribute to our Eco School work. Perhaps your workplace is good at recycling?  Or perhaps you have environmental knowledge that you can share with staff and/or children?

Fair Trade 

Edinburgh City Council officially supports organisations with Fair Trade, having gained Fair Trade City status in 2004. We aim to be a Fair Trade nursery and to promote this approach.

During Fair Trade week we highlight the issue within the nursery, selling Fair Trade items and highlighting worldwide social and environmental issues. In 2016 we brought a ‘Smoothie Bike’ into the nursery. Staff and children made smoothies using pedal power alone.