image2.jpegAt Cowgate we try to promote the use and purchase of fair trade products. Purchasing these goods help ensure that farmers in developing countries receive a fair wage for their produce, and in turn, benefit their families and community. A product which has been fairly traded should display the fair trade symbol

In order to promote and raise awareness of fair trade, we invite you and your children to purchase at least 1 fair trade product in your weekly shop.  We would then ask you to make a note of the product bought and price (or receipt) and place this in the FAIR TRADE BOX at the front desk.
At the end of each month we will calculate the total amount that has been spent on fair trade causes and inform you all of the results.

We hope you choose to accept this challenge. We have begun to discuss fair trade in the nursery and so far it has proved a great way for children to think about the food we eat, where it comes from and social justice.

Lisa and Angela