Partners and Projects

All kinds of visitors come to the centre.  Often people from other countries who are carrying out research visit us, sometimes people come for the day on a study visit, sometimes educators from other schools and day centres, sometimes those studying at colleges or universities, or those who are overseeing their learning.

Some children require specialist support from health or other specialists, for example physiotherapists or psychologists. These professionals will work with children within the nursery environment.

We may invite musicians, artists or craftspeople in to share their skills with children (often these are parents).

Visitors give the children opportunities of meeting new people which supports their developing social confidence.

*Please note that some of these practices are currently not in place due to COVID-19 restrictions* 




We have ongoing partnerships which are vital to us being able to provide Forest School and Nature Kindergarten experiences.

We work with the Scottish Wildlife Trust to access our Forest School provision.