Visiting our local area

Visits to such places as Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens, The Children’s Library on George the IV Bridge, The Museum of Childhood, Museum of Scotland, Gorgie City Farm, and the local shops are an important part of children‘s education and give valuable opportunities for language and social development.

We feel that it is important for children to be able to participate in this as they get to know and understand their local area. Regular visits to our local recycling centre contribute to this. They also start to recognise and understand the differing buildings and their functions e.g. churches, hospitals, grocers, shops, chemist etc and witness the constantly changing environment as buildings are erected in our area.

Such is the spontaneous nature of our practice, that we will often respond immediately to interests by taking the children out of the centre. We will ask you to complete a permission form allowing this to happen. Do not be surprised to discover news of an impromptu trip when you collect your child!

Cowgate Under 5’s Nursery is surrounded by a wonderful  community which provides a rich environment with many different shops and local traditions. In order to understand our society children need to experience these at first hand.