Reading Group

Following on from our Anti-Racist reading group discussions, the Cowgate team are examining further themes in relation to equality and discrimination. The resources that form the basis of our discussions can be found here.

Materials Discussed

Thursday, 11 November 2020:

Vice. “Raised Without Gender” 2017. YouTube. Available here:

The Gender Diaries. Episode 10, season 2. Podcast 2020. Available here:

Bollinger, Alex. LGBTQ Nation. “Judith Butler tore J.K. Rowling’s transphobia to pieces in an epic clapback” 2020. Available here:

Weaver, Jayne. 2019.“Personal Project, Graded Unit”

Vasinova, Isabella. 2020. “’I know this, because my mum told me.’ Challenging gender stereotypes in Early Learning and Childcare Setting”