Promoting Equity

At Cowgate under 5’s centre we positively welcome children and families from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds. We value the diversity of family structures and lifestyles.

We aim to create a rich and diverse  environment to reflect the social and cultural diversity in the our community, in which all children can play and grow together.

Centre staff foster a positive atmosphere of mutual respect and trust with adults and children in order to build confidence and self-esteem and acknowledge the range of diversity, skills, values and experiences which children bring with them every day to the centre.

We recognise that all children in our centre have a right to be listened to, respected, valued and protected from all forms of discrimination. The centre opposes all forms of racism, prejudice and discrimination.

We follow national policies to ensure that any form of discrimination is dealt with promptly, firmly and consistently.

Additional support for learning 

Our experience is that all children at some time in their lives have some additional need, whether it be the arrival of a new baby, or a house move, changes in family life may mean children need extra support in the centre.

Through ongoing discussions we will work towards your child having the richest experience at Cowgate possible. We are guided by national legislation, assessment and evaluation of learning.

For most children, learning is supported through our usual centre planning and discussion. Occasionally, a child may require some additional and individual support which may be different to that of their peers.  If you have any concern about your child, please speak to your child’s Key Person.

We work closely with families to involve other professionals to support your child.

If you’d like to read more about Additional Support for Learning, please visit the following websites:

If you wish to discuss any aspect of our inclusion policy and procedures in more detail please talk to Head of Centre Lynn McNair.