We warmly welcome children and families from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds. We value the diversity of family structures and lifestyles. Welcome implies listening, openness and a sense of wellbeing that comes from being welcomed with pleasure.

We value parents as the child‘s first educator and we encourage you to play a full and active role in your child‘s experience with us. Through our shared responsibility, we can make decisions together that ensure your child is given the best possible start in life.

We encourage families to take the time to get to know Cowgate’s values and ethos by browsing this website and spending time at the centre. We have a lovely family room that you can stay close by for the initial separations and can spend time reading more about our history and values.

Mutual understanding and respect is the best way for families and staff to work together to provide the most appropriate care and education for children.

Home visit

We offer parents a home visit prior to starting at Cowgate. We aim to forge a strong partnership between home and school from the onset. We value families’ unique knowledge of children and hope to build on experiences at home as they begin their learning with us.

Play an active part

Families always really welcome to come and spend time at the centre. We encourage parents to be active members of the centre and invite you to commit a day or two per year to supporting the centre’s work by helping develop the garden, accompanying us on an outing or sharing your skills in other ways.

Perhaps come and share a book, tell a story, cook or support whatever activities you enjoy. Perhaps you play a musical instrument you could bring in and share. Maybe you enjoy gardening or pottery? For some parents involvement at the centre has led to career changes!

All skills are welcome, whether it’s DIY or fundraising please let us know how you can help.

Be prepared to be invited to discuss how children experience life at the centre. Ongoing discussion and reflection are a key part of the Cowgate approach.

Regular communication

We welcome parents to visit the centre at any time and staff are available at the beginning and end of sessions to talk about any concerns or interests.

Our noticeboards share the latest information about our activities and the monthly newsletter gives an insight into life within the Cowgate Community.

We welcome your contributions to your child’s Learning Journal, sharing significant events and observations from their home life. Read more about Learning Journals here.

Our families are invited to join in a variety of events celebrated at Cowgate under 5’s Centre throughout the year.