Our Team

Our Team

Cowgate Staff hold and are studying for a wide range of qualifications including BA in Childhood Practice, Masters in Early Education, Forest School training, PGDE, and PhDs and seek out further professional development often through exchanging knowledge and experience with other professionals and early years networks.

Many staff at the Centre have completed the University of Edinburgh Froebel course which is co-led by Dr Lynn McNair, Cowgate’s Head of Centre.

Staff support early years professional development in Scotland by presenting Cowgate practice, mentoring students and providing opportunities for students and visitors to experience the Cowgate environment.

Our work is challenging as well as enjoyable and requires strong personal commitment from staff. There is a very strong ethos of learning within our staff team and staff are pro-active in their professional development, often studying at postgraduate level.


Our Team 

Anna MacDonald

Carol Cerdan

Carol Ward (currently on supply)

Daniel Garrido Cordoba

Emma Clarkson

Eugenia Metzaki

Freedom Onakpowa

Gavin Gray

Jayne Weaver

Joanne Scott

June Graham

Karolina Niemierko

Kasia Labomirska

Klara Urbanova

Rebeca Perna

Rebecca Innes

Lian Higgins

Lynn McNair

Scott Craig

Simon Bateson

Wei Wang