Key Person and Learning Journal

Each child and family receives support from a ‘key practitioner’  – an experienced member of staff responsible for your child’s individual needs.

The key practitioner will build a special relationship with you and your child to ensure that your child’s experience of the centre is a happy and successful one.

While the key practitioner will be your main point of contact all centre staff will be involved in providing feedback on your child’s achievements and will develop a relationship with your child.

Learning Journal

Learning journals provide a tool that brings home and early years setting closer together, as we share children’s experiences in a regular, often spontaneous way.

The key practitioner leads on monitoring and updating your child’s Learning Journal, an online document of your child’s experience at Cowgate.

By observing and documenting your child’s play and activity staff, with parents, can better reflect on how best to support children to pursue and explore what interests them.

We encourage families to look at learning journals with their child at home and to add stories or photos with their child about experiences outside of Cowgate.

Journals that can be accessed at home can help children to hold in mind the life of the nursery while they are not there, this might even support an absence of several weeks or months.

Parents tell us that insights from photos or accounts in the journals have helped them appreciate their child’s abilities and so better able to support them at home:

“I’ve been surprised by what my daughter can do … seeing a picture of her trying (and succeeding) at pouring mil from a jug inspired me to get a small jug for her to pour from at home.” Parent, 2015

Read more about our approach to using Learning Journals by reading about our Lived Stories project – more information is in our Standards and Quality Improvement Plans – visit ‘Inspection and Regulation‘.


Key Person Policy, 2017: “This policy is not an exhaustive ‘list’ of what to do as a key person, more of an exploration of how to be”


Learning Journal Login

Login to view your child’s learning journal. If you do not know your login or password, please talk to your child’s key person