Fees and Ways to Pay

Cowgate Under 5s Centre is run by City of Edinburgh Council and payment is made direct to the Council.

The information below applies until July 2019. There will be changes to admissions and payment policies from this point and current parents have been notified.

Please visit the Applying webpage for more information. This page will be updated as soon as full details are available. 


The fees are £51 per day for under 2s and £50.60 for 3 to 5 year olds

An educational discount is applied to fees starting at the school term after a child’s 3rd birthday.  The maximum amount is £180 for 5 sessions a week. This is in accordance with funding determined by Scottish Government with the City of Edinburgh Council. You can view the school term dates on the Council’s website.

Childcare vouchers

Many of our parents choose to pay part/all their fees with childcare vouchers. To find out more about vouchers and tax credits, all of which is set by UK Government policy: www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs

If you are going to be using childcare vouchers, it is important that you let us know this, and also how much you will be paying each month with this method. If the amount is going to be different each month, we need to know this so it can be reflected on your invoice.

Towards the end of the month, you will receive an email which gives you the details which will be on your invoice. This includes how many days your child was in nursery that current month, how much educational discount has been applied, how many meals are included and also the amount we are deducting as being paid by childcare vouchers. This gives you the chance to check the details and get back to us if you feel there are any errors.

A week after the email is sent to you, the fees invoices are raised here at Cowgate and they are sent to the Council Finance department who then take over the process. They print the invoices and send them out. Payments are then made directly to them. Various methods are available such as in person, online or over the phone. The methods are detailed on the back of your invoice.

If we know that you pay your fees entirely by childcare vouchers, the invoice total will be zero and we do not normally sent out invoices for zero amounts.

Please note that we do not receive either the fees payments or childcare voucher payments here in the Centre. They go directly to our Finance Department in the Council.

If you are setting up payments by childcare vouchers, we have a few details which you may require.

  • Our registration number – CS2003013983
    Edenred Membership number – P20065476
    Comp Share number – 0007978626

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