Emotional Harmony

At Cowgate we encourage children to develop responsibility for their own emotional harmony and to develop self-regulation.

We highly value what Froebel called ‘self-discipline’. Self-discipline helps children develop qualities that together form resilience.

Froebel believed that a child with self-discipline has internalised a set of values so that even when there is no one else around to comment on their choices and behaviour, the child will continue to act in a thoughtful, reflective manner.

We believe that children feel most secure when they have a clear understanding of behaviour which is acceptable.

We use role modelling and praise to promote desired behaviours and we avoid giving attention to undesirable behaviour. We aim to help children communicate, experience empathy, be accepted, feel appreciated, learn to solve problems, make decisions and develop a social conscience.

Until self-discipline is internalised centre staff will explain to the child why what they have done is not acceptable, i.e., hurting their friends or other fellows.

The need to develop and harness self-discipline at an early age, while critical in any culture, may take on greater importance in a society filled with complex demands, challenges and stresses.

If a child’s behaviour gives cause for concern for either you or our staff we will work together discuss this with you to find a way to help support the child both at home and in the centre.