Eco Status

We are an Eco-School with Green Flag Status

What is Eco-Schools?

Eco-Schools is much more than an environmental management system for schools.  It is a programme for promoting environmental awareness in a way that links to most, if not all, curriculum subjects.  The Eco-Schools process is holistic.  It works by involving the whole school – children, their families and staff work together with members of the local community.  It encourages teamwork and helps create a shared understanding of what it takes to run a centre in a way that respects and enhances the environment. At Cowgate we are very pleased to have earned our 3rd Green Flag, evidence of our continued committment to being an Eco School!

The Eco-Committee

We have an Eco-Committee which is the driving force of the Eco-School programme.

Our committee consists of:

Our Eco Co-ordinator
Other Staff
The Secretary
The Support Service Officer

Let me introduce you to our current committee members

Donna Begg

Teresa Bolger

Hazel Graham

Dave Dudgeon

Through its membership and functions, the Eco-Committee serves the following purposes:

  1. to ensure that all sectors of the centre community, especially the children are represented in the decision-making process.
  2. to ensure that the whole school is aware of the existence of the  Eco-Schools programme.
  3. to demonstrate that the programme has support from senior management.
  4. to connect the programme to the school management and to the wider community.

The Eco-Committee -Green Flag Level

  1. children choose to be involved in the committee
  2. the committee meets every half-term
  3. minutes are kept of meetings showing how decisions have been made
  4. minutes are displayed on our Eco Schools notice board

We are pleased to annouce the successful acquisition of our third Green Flag, awarded in February 2010!

If you are interested in our Eco School developments or wish to be involved in the committee please speak with Lorraine our Eco-Coordinator.