Caring for Animals and Plants

Learning to take care of our environment and to take care of each other includes taking care of plants and animals. We have a small greenhouse and a ready supply of compost from our wormery. We plant bulbs in the autumn and seeds in the spring. We have soft fruit plants, trees and shrubs. We have house plants in our nursery and we often have pots of bulbs or herbs decorating our tables at mealtimes.

Parents, if you have any spare bulbs, seeds or plants or would like to support us with our growing cycle please let us know.

We put our bird feeders and bird houses, and put vegetable waste into our compost and wormery. We often find snails, slugs and other interesting insects in our garden. At Stickland we spot deer if we are lucky.

In our birth to three room we keep fish. In our big room we have cared for a range of creatures. We’ve had stick insects, giant snails, a rabbit and we currently have two guinea pigs named by the children; Froo Froo and Nala.

The guinea pigs live in the centre and children support staff in feeding and caring for them. There are many benefits to children from caring for animals, from learning about food and habitats, to developing empathy and gaining comfort. Froo Froo and Nala may be looked after by families for the weekend or over holiday periods. Please speak to one of the staff in the Big Room.