Arrival and Leaving


Staff are always on hand to meet and greet children and parents, so please enter with a smile and share a good morning with us. We welcome you into the setting with your child as they hang up their bag and choose where they’d like to start their morning, which might be outside or in.

We will support your child as you leave. It’s important that children know their parents are leaving even if this is sometimes upsetting for them; it supports their trust and understanding that their special adult will return later.

You may enter at the main reception or you can use your key fob to enter and store your buggy. If you do not have a key fob for buggy storage, please discuss this with June.

We only have full day places available but you are not required to leave your child with us at set times. If you are arriving later in the morning or picking up during the afternoon, please just make sure we know.


Your child’s safety is our priority. We ask that you say goodbye to key staff, so we know that your child has left safely. Should you need to ask a friend or relative to collect your child, please let staff know.

Leaving the centre at the end of the day can mean parting from friends and interrupting play, so please arrive with time to spare to support your child with leaving. Children might wish to collect their chocolate krispie from the kitchen or find their artwork from the drying area, or collect treasures from their tray, all of which can take time. We have snacks available at reception to buy for the journey home.

We ask that you arrive at 5.35pm at the very latest so that you have enough time to be able to leave at 5.45pm with your child and their belongings. We close our setting at 5.45pm.

Persistent late collection means our staff are delayed in their return to family and friends and will result in additional charges to parents.